What is Backlink and importance of backlink in SEO ?

We all have a dream that our page or website get rank on the first page of google. right? There are lot’s of other factor is responsible to rank on google but backlinks are the backbone of the website.


  1. Domain authority rank
  2. Backlink
  3. Freshness of content
  4. Content quality
  5. Page speed 


A backlink is a link on the webpage that links to your website/page. The simple way we can say that someone links your page with their website and you got huge organic traffic.

It’s like someone tagging you on social media and you got followers or viewers. 🙂 

If many sites link to the same webpage, search engines can think that content is worth linking to, therefore also worth surfacing on SERP(Search engine result page). 

But the condition is, you got high quality of backlink. high-quality backlink means their domain authority rank is higher. For example, if you got a backlink from Huffington post (DA 93) than you know 🙂 

Common terms related to backlink:

  • Link juice: When webpage links to any of your webpage its passes “link juice”. it improves the domain authority.
  • No-Follow link: When webpage links to your webpage but it has a no-follow tag, then that link is not useful for you. 
  • Do-Follow link: By default, all the link you add in your blog is a do-follow link and it’s pass link juice.
  • Low-quality link: links that come from spam sites, automated sites, and harvested sites.this is harmful to your site so be careful if you buying a backlink.
  • Internal link: links that going from one page to another page within the same domain is called internal link. 

What is the Importance of Backlink in SEO?

  • Backlink increases the organic traffic of your website. There are more chances to increase the visibility of your site on google search.
  • If you are getting the high-quality link back to your site that means you become a valuable resource for information getting.
  • It helps to expose your name that can become brand in your audience
  • You can create a new relationship
  • Drive steady referral traffic
  • Helps search engine bots discover links to your site and crawl your site effectively.
  • Faster Indexing

I hope this article will help you to understand the basic of backlink in SEO.

Do you currently work on getting backlinks for your blog? Tell us about your experiences in the comment sections below.

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